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Through internationalisation, basic research and innovation Norway is aiming to become a leading nation within research.

The Research Council of Norway

The Research Council of Norway is a national strategic body and funding agency for research and innovation activities. The Research Council covers all fields of research and innovation and works together with research institutions as well as the private and public sectors to reach the national financial goals and quality targets set in this area.

The list below shows some of the appointed target areas for Norwegian research:

  • Marine research
  • Energy and climate research
  • Medicine and health research
  • Food
  • Communication technology (ICT)
  • Biotechnology
  • Material Science, Nanotechnology

The Research Council of Norway plays a vital role in developing and implementing the country’s research strategy. It acts as a government adviser identifying present and future needs for knowledge and research, and provides funding for independent research, as well as for research programmes and Norwegian participation in international research activities.

The Researcher's Mobility Portal
If you are a researcher planning your next stay in Norway, look here for career opportunities
and find relevant information and assistance.

Norwegian Centre of Excellence
In order to ensure quality in research, 13 Centres of Excellence have been established with the intention to bring more researchers and research groups to a high international standard. Additional centres for research-based innovation will hopefully be established in 2006. Their focus will be to develop the capability of the business sector and to stimulate innovation by forging close alliances between enterprises and research institutions.


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