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Are you considering Norway as a study- or research destination? We have several online versions of our publications available for viewing/download. Some of the publications are also available in language versions other than English.

Masters Catalogue 2008/2009

This catalogue presents essential information about the 200 Masters programmes taught in English at institutions of higher education in Norway.

For a more in-depth knowledge about the individual courses, we recommend that you contact the institutions directly. You will find the relevant contact details listed under each institution.

[Online version w/latest updates and search]


Guide to Higher Education in Norway
In this brochure you will find a short description of Norway´s educational system, information about our target areas within research and some practical information about how to apply for a student residence permit.

In addition you will also find a general description of life in Norway, including some useful facts about the Norwegian society.

Download pdf-versions:
[English] [Fran├žaise] [Russian]
[German] [Spanish] [Portuguese]


A Brief Guide to Living in Norway
This booklet is for anyone who is thinking about living in Norway. A crash course in Norway, if you like.

It’s designed to give you a brief guide to Norwegian society and culture; lifestyle, behaviour and opinions. We hope that this brochure will make it easier to make the decision, easier to arrive in Norway and easier to fit in, since you’ll know a few things about what to expect.

[Download pdf-version]


Petroleum Studies in Norway
This publication presents study programmes aimed at international students within the petroleum field. After almost 40 years of experience in the petroleum industry, Norway has acquired a unique knowledge in the field. The country is in the forefront in the areas of technology and environmental protection, and building up expertise in the field has been an important element in the petroleum policy.

Norwegian universities and university colleges offer a wide range of programmes and courses within petroleum engineering, petroleum-related geosciences and other areas such as petroleum law and arctic engineering.

[Download pdf-version]


Marine Studies in Norway

Marine Studies in Norway


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