Friday, March 13, 2009

Masters programmes

More and more students are pursuing a Masters degree. Norwegian institutions are constantly working to design Masters programmes that will give students in-depth knowledge, research experience and an attractive degree for future employers.

A Masters degree is awarded by the universities, specialised university institutions, several university colleges and some private institutions. The degree is normally obtained after 1 ½ -2 years of study and typically consists of 120 "studiepoeng"/ECTS.

An important part of this degree is independent research work of between 30-60 “studiepoeng”/ECTS credits leading to a Thesis.

Admission to a Masters degree programme is usually based on a completed Bachelor's degree. However, in special cases admission may granted based on other criterias. The basic admission requirements may vary depending on institution and course.

An increasing number of Norwegian institutions are offering Masters programmes where the language of instruction is English. Currently there are over 170 courses available in our online catalog.

Professional degree programmes
Various professional qualifications are awarded by all the state higher education institutions and a number of the private higher education institutions. These programmes/degrees are of four to six years’ duration and cover both regulated and non-regulated professions.


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